Motivational Speaker

PeachyKeen’s Motivational Speaker for hire throughout Scotland and beyond!

Engage – Inspire – Enable

Is your working environment an effective, stimulating place to be?

Does it have a happy ethos where everyone is valued?

Do colleagues reach their full potential and look forward to coming to work?

If so, Fantastic and thank you for giving us your attention.

No? Not sure?

Does one day run into the next until the weekend arrives or does each day really mean something with a sense of achievement being felt by everyone?

Is work considered a life enhancing place where everyone has pride in their work or is there a feeling of being overwhelmed with new initiatives and constant change?

We owe it to ourselves, our colleagues, our families, our friends – our customers and our organisation to be the best we can be – life is simply not long enough!


The aim of PeachyKeen is to enhance the workplace by applying the following steps:


“People may not remember what you said, they may not remember what you did, but your staff will always remember how you made them feel.”


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 If you’re looking for a motivational speaker for hire Get in touch to find out more!

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  • Recent News

    • "PeachyKeen have been fantastic partners to work with from design to build, and provided an interactive and engaging customer focused activity across the 4 days of the Royal Highland Show." Sara Smith, RHET Learning and Development Co-ordinator

    • “What a fantastic organisation and great STEM learning whilst having a fun experience for school pupils. Thanks PeachyKeen for your support at our STEM Olympics.” Colin Miller, Head of Service: External Engagement

    • “I can’t recommend PeachyKeen highly enough. They are a polished act who bring energy and oomph to any event and have the most amazing equipment . They look good, are well prepared, and everything about their service is top quality from the products and materials used and the way the work with people and the customers.” Laura Carswell - Neilston Development Trust

    • "We have had the privilege of working at education related events where we combine engaging activities, using a range of PeachyKeen resources."

    • "It’s always a pleasure to work with Andrew and the team from PeachyKeen. Interesting, engaging and fun activities delivered with enthusiasm and professionalism." Amy Russell, Events Officer

    • "We look forward to welcoming the PeachyKeen team to our events. People of all ages and abilities love the hand-on activities." Scottish Borders Council

    • "We were delighted to have PeachyKeen on board at the first ASGF Festival of Ideas Adam’s Family Fun Day in March. They were very professional and kept our visitors engaged with their amazing eco-friendly equipment. It was great to see the young ones enjoying themselves. We would definitely recommend them for your event." Karen Taylor, Partnerships & Creative Development Manager

    • “For our Earth Hour event, PeachyKeen were very well equipped to run a fantastic bicycle-powered light display, capturing the attention of just over one hundred participants. It was a fun and interactive exhibition, and we look forward to welcoming them back in future!” Lara Fahey, Transition University of St Andrews

    latest news

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    Kirkcaldy’s PeachyKeen participated in the Royal Highland Education Trust’s (RHET)  virtual Food and Farming Extravaganza….

    Motivational Speaker

    PeachyKeen’s Motivational Speaker for hire throughout Scotland and beyond! Engage – Inspire – Enable Is…

    Royal Highland Show

    As part of PeachyKeen’s community engagement outreach plan, we teamed up with the Royal Highland…

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