Human Powered Water Window


Elizabeth Ogilvie works with a fusion of art, architecture and science, using water itself as her main medium and research focus.  The work embraces universal and timeless concerns.  Offering the public a sort of innocent pleasure at the same time as underlining critical philosophical and ecological issues.

Water Window History

The Waterwall was initially displayed in Ogilvies 1997 exhibition, Oceanus Project I, exhibited in the Mead Art Centre, Warwick.  The large scale sculptures of Oceanus Project I combine the strength and magnitude of strong, cold constructions of steel, with the intimacy and poetry of text.  Her sculpture refers to the global bodies and cyclical nature of all the water on the earth’s surface.  This is a celebration of the release, distribution, collection and evaporation of oceans, their currents, tides, mists and rain.  Water is a morphological agent that carves our terrain and defines our environments.

The Oceanus Project I exhibition offered the opportunity to not only to display a body of Ogilvie’s  work but to support an exploration of how meaning is constructed by the combination of the works between artists.  In doing so a collaborative opportunity was presented to extend an understanding of both Ogilvie’s sculpture and Tom Clark’s poetry (presented on the body of the Waterwall).  Neither artist’s work describes the others.  However both are capable of evoking the very nature of the elements with brevity and clarity.

Following the exhibition, the installation was brought back to Ogilvie’s home in Kinghorn, Fife.  The sculpture lay dormant however Ogilvie’s passion for creation lead her to become one of the most significant artists of her generation in Scotland.  Ogilvie has a compelling vision and strong track record in realizing projects of scale and critical public engagement.

PeachyKeen Water Window

Serendipitously, Andrew Bowie from PeachyKeen met Ogilvie through one of her exhibits close to the PeachyKeen workshop.  PeachyKeen shares Ogilvie’s commitment to highlight issues at the top of global agenda, thus including, one of the world’s most challenging problems; the impact of climate change on the world around us.  PeachyKeen (The Human Energy Company), designs and manufactures products that are powered by human energy.  Generating electricity by utilising the energy created through human movement.  The PeachyKeen philosophy is to symbiotically conduct its business and personal lives in a spirit of harmony and peace.  At one with our environment.

PeachyKeen envisioned extending the now called Human Powered Water Window’s collaborative roots by rebuilding the sculpture by recycling its design and applying human power to drive the movement of the water.  The Water Window is presented alongside a PeachyKeen Handcrank, the turning of the Handcrank generates the sustainable energy that powers the Water Window.  The self-sufficient sculpture aims to promote awareness and a greater consideration towards the environment through the interactive experience.

“The window is a view to the world.  Users are invited to reflect on the changes of the environment around them, highlighted through the sculpture, observing the movement of water along with the change of the light and colour.”

Ogilvie’s initial project and PeachyKeen’s reinvent of the design are both conceived in time.  Designed to enrich everyday lives and at the same time highlighting the world’s most challenging problems.  Art is an excellent communicator of contemporary issues and can address such profound topics.

Technical Specification


H: 225cm (200cm Window) W: 72cm D:50cm


Frame: Stainless Steel

Fixtures: Stainless Steel

Glass: British Standard Toughened Glass


The Human Powered Water Window can be separated into three parts, allowing all cables and wires can be disconnected for transportation.  The PeachyKeen Water Window is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.


Click Here if you would like to learn more about the artist Elizabeth Ogilvie.

For sale

The Human Powered Water Window is now for sale.  This is a one-of-a-kind sculpture.  Please get in touch with PeachyKeen direct if you would like more information or to arrange a viewing.

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